Noteworthy Songs of Assorted Composers-I

31 Jul

Apart from the mainstream composers like Ilaiyaraja, ARR, Vidyasagar, there have some fantastic songs from other composers who composed for a fewer number of movies. I will list some songs from these unsung ones as they might not have been noticed owing to the sheer number of albums coming out from the other more-popular composers. Another reason these are not so famous could that the movie might have flopped badly. Read it as Song (s)-Composer-Movie.

  1. Oru Kadhal/Kanne Kanavu: Shankar-Ganesh: Idhaya Thamarai (almost all the songs of this album are good but these two stand out)
  2. Kannukul Nooru/Sandhikka Thudithen: Devendran: Vedham Pudhidhu (the former is a beautiful composition in Shanmukhapriya and the latter is in the Hamsanandi scale)
  3. Kadhal Kavidhai: Devendran: Ganam Courtar Avargale: I found this recently and to my pleasant surprise this is a song in one of the rarely used Bhupalam/Bowli scale, a fantastic composition sung so well by the evergreen SPB-Chitra pair.
  4. Pongiyathey/Idhazhodu: Devendran: Mannukul Vairam: Both these songs are excellent compositions in Hindolam raga and yet they sound pretty refreshing and different. Devendran seems like a good talent, he should have got more opportunities.
  5. Sutti Poove: Dhina: Kai Vandha Kalai: A nice composition in Sree ragam.
  6. Yaaridam: Manu Ramesan: Pidichirukku
  7. Mudhal Murai/Adhu Oru: Premji Amaran: Adhey Neram Adhe Idam: Premji Amaran is another under-rated composer who composes for 1-2 movies a year. These 2 compositions are as good as any!
  8. Ragasiyamanadhu: Sirpy: Kodambakkam: A very soothing composition
  9. Rameshwaram album by Niru: This entire album has very good songs, again the movie vanished soon, so the album was not noticed.
  10. Raga Raga/Kannadi Poopole: Arul Murugan: Anba Azhaga: Arul Murugan made his debut with this movie and he now composes under the pen name Arrol Correli. This debut album was decent and these two songs were very nice with a Hindustani feel.

I think this list a good start and I will get back with another list in this series soon, until then happy listening!



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