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Noteworthy Songs of Assorted Composers: II

30 Oct

I have compiled another list of wonderful songs by assorted composers. Song-Composer-Movie.

  1. Unnai Saranadindhen Mannava: Sabesh-Murali from Ammuvagiya Naan: A wonderful composition in Dharmavathi raga with excellent singing by Harish Raghavendra and Kalyani
  2. Thavamaai Thavamirundhu: The entire album is fantastic, again composed by the underrated Sabesh-Murali
  3. Medhuva Medhuva: Chandrabose from Annanagar Mudhal Theru, a vintage song
  4. Ora Kanna: Prem G Amaran from Ennamo Nadakudhu, a peppy song composed in Reetigowla scale.
  5. Azhaga/Roja Poovin: Vijay Antony: By 2; the former song is just fantastic set in Brindavanasaranga raga
  6. Azhagai Pookudhey: Vijay Antony: Ninathale Inikkum, an extremely soothing number
  7. Ninaithaale: The whole album by Vijay Antony is worth a listen……all melody songs, a rarity these days…..
  8. Thendral Thendral Vandhu: Sirpy: Raasi: Set in Madhyamavathy raga
  9. Solla Solla: Bharadwaj: Athithi, another lovely song in Reetigowla raga
  10. Rayilin Paadhayil: Joshua Sridhar: Appavi, a song set in a rarely used Arabhi raga