25: Song of the Day: Oru Thuli Vishamaai

14 Dec

Song: Oru Thuli Vishamaai

Composer: Yuvanshankarraja

Lyrics: Snehan

Singer: Sharib, Shreya Ghoshal

Movie: Aadhibhagavan

Yuvanshankarraja is known for his peppy numbers and he has carved a niche for himself in spite of having a legend as his father. This song is something totally different (it’s really different, hear it to believe it) and unconventional. I would call it the “haunting” genre and the song is like slow poison. The orchestration is again, very unconventional with strings, a beautiful stringed instrument pieces (by the talented Amalraj) but the best thing about the whole song is the singing by Sharib and Shreya. For me, this song is the Top 5 best of Yuvan, be amazed!





24: Song of the Day: Enge Nee Sendraalum

12 Dec

Song: Enge Nee Sendraalum

Composer: Ilaiyaraja

Lyrics: Not available

Singer: Karthik, Bela Shende

Movie: Kannukulle

Ilaiyaraja has used the raga Madhyamavathy in many songs, yet he is one of those composers who can still find unique ways to showcase a raga. This song is vintage Raja because we get to hear the trademark violins and his strings section after a long time. Even the solo violin pieces in the song are magical, another instrument giving company to the violin here is the Flute and Raja, just uses these elements to create a masterpiece track. The tune is intricate, matching upto to Raja’s standards and all this makes this song enter the enviable list of best songs of Raja (there will be thousands there).



Unnoticed Gems: Pongiyadhey Kadhal/Ithazhodu

11 Dec

Song: Pongiyadhey Kadhal/Ithazhodu

Composer: Devendhran

Lyrics: Info not available

Singer: S.P.Balasubramaniam, Janaki

Movie: Mannukul Vairam

Many people (like I did before) that thiese two wonderful songs are composed by Ilaiyaraja but it was Devendhran, who gave a bunch of good albums and then vanished. This movie has very good songs and these two songs were excellent, though they are in the same raga (Hindholam), they sound different, that’s not easy to do. The orchestration has a lot of live music with flute, strings section, guitar coupled with fabulous singing by the evergreen pair of SPB/Janaki. You only begin to wonder why this composer did not get more chances….




23: Song of the Day: Pakalonnu Maanja

10 Dec

Song: Pakalonnu Maanja

Composer: Vidyasagar

Lyrics: Vayalar Sharath Chandra Varma

Singer: Balram (supported by Ustad Fayaz Khan and Vijay Prakash)

Movie: Neelathamara

Melody King Vidyasagar is one of the most underrated composers and this song is another proof of that. It’s a Hindustani-styled composition with fantastic singing by another rarely used singer Balram. Vidyasagar shows his versatility showing he can effortlessly traverse different genres of songs. It is an authentic Hindustani genre song and such songs are even rare in Hindi film music. The composers fittingly uses Sarangi as one of the main instruments in the song apart from Santoor and this gives an old world charm to the song. The first interlude portion is full of Hindustani alaaps and some fantastic improvisations by Vijay Prakash. The second interlude has a sprinkling of Santoor followed by a Sarangi piece and again with Santoor and flute. So the orchestration is minimalistic befitting such a song. A semi-slcassical song like this needs a capable singer and the choice of the singer here is excellent, its a pity that Balram does not get too many songs. Listen and be amazed!




22: Song of the Day: Raat Dhalne Lagi

7 Dec

Song: Raat Dhalne Lagi

Composer: Ustad Zakir Hussain

Lyrics: Javed Akhtar

Singer: Kavita Krishnamurthy

Movie: Saaz

Ustad Zakir Hussain has just composed for a handful of movies but Saaz is probably his best work yet. This song is sheer bliss, the tune, the orchestration, the singing…..everything is almost perfect. Listening to this song will make you imagine that you are walking in a moonlit night and enjoying the whole spectacle. One of the highlights of the song is the use of Sarod, a rarely used instrument in contemporary film music. The song begins with a slow Sarangi piece and launches into the mesmerizing tune. This is a song, which you will like in the very first listen itself. No other singer could have justice to this tune, other than the super-talented Kavita Krishnamurthy. The icing on the cake are the wonderful lyrics by another Ustad, Javed Akhtar Saab, a poet par excellence. This is a prime example of a perfect song where everything merges into one wholesome experience!



Unnoticed Gem: Rayilin Paadhaiyil

6 Dec

Song: Rayilin Paadhaiyil

Composer: Joshua Sridhar

Lyrics: Na. Muthukumar

Singer: Hariharan, Shreya Ghoshal

Movie: Appavi

Aarabhi is a raga which gives the feeling of happiness, auspiciousness and there are only a handful of film songs set in Aarabhi and this is one of them. The raga gives a lot of scope for varied orchestration, you can make it sound classical or arrange it in a more modern way. Joshua gives a modern orchestration without taking away the soul of the raga resulting in a song which sounds very elegant. The flute pieces are outstanding and so are the bass guitar pieces. The composer uses the keyboard strings for background and it gives a good effect. The song is handled by two veterans, Hariharan and Shreya and they just hit it out of the park, especially towards the end of the charanam where the tune reaches the crescendo. This song did not become popular as the movie just vanished. It deserves much much more………




21: Song of the Day: Azhalinte Aazhangalil

5 Dec

Song: Azhalinte Aazhangalil

Composer: Ouseppachan

Lyrics: Vayalar Sharathchandra Varma

Singer: Nikhil Mathew

Movie: Ayaalum Njaanum Thammil

Ouseppachan is one of the legendary composers of Malayalam cinema and in the past decade, he has composed for fewer movies. This song is probably his best one in the past decade, it’s so good! It has a very soothing tune, as mellow and melodious as a Ghazal. The orchestration is good with flute, guitar and keyboard only being used, it is useful in such a song because, it allows the tune to be showcased in all its grandeur. Another wonderful thing is that this was one of the first songs sung by the talented singer Nikhil Mathew (who won Airtel Super Singer many years ago) and he aces the sing completely. Listen to this when your chips are down and you will feel better for sure…….