40: Song of the Day: Enthaavo

17 Jul

Song: Enthaavo

Composer: Justin Varghese

Singer: Sooraj Santhosh

Lyrics: Santhosh Varma

Movie: Njankalude Nattila Oridavela

Enthaavo is a very good song composed by Justin for his debut movie. It is a peppy, melodious number with some unique orchestration, full of live instruments. The interludes are pieces played on a stringed instrument which sound beautiful, you must hear it to believe it. The singing by Sooraj Santhosh is soulful and effortless. I hope Justin gets more chances to showcase his talent further.


39: Song of the Day: Kannil Paarvai

27 Jun

Song: Kannil Paarvai

Composer: Ilaiyaraja

Singer: Shreya Ghoshal

Lyrics: Vaali

Movie: Naan Kadavul

Rasikaranjini is a rarely used raga in films, there are only a handful of songs in the raga and in Naan Kadavul, Raja creates a mesmerizing composition. The tune is a stunner as per the usual Raja standards. He embellishes it with intricate Saarangi pieces and an excellent strings ensemble. One more highlight of the song is a Chenda- like percussion supporting the song as the background rhythm. The song situation is about a blind girl lamenting on her situation and the song effectively conveys the brooding emotion very aptly.

38: Song of the Day: Oru Kadhal Vanducho

24 Jun

Song: Oru Kadhal Vanducho

Composer: Raghav-Raja

Singer: Shankar Mahadevan

Lyrics: Thaamarai

Movie: Hey Nee Romba Azhagairukka

Hey Nee Romba Azhagairukka was probably the first movie in Tamil to have more than 2 composers. This song was my favourite among all the other songs. It is composed in Desh raga. The whole song is like a celebration, melodious, yet full of verve and energy. The use of diverse instruments, time, the vocal harmonies and the energetic singing by Shankar Mahadevan make it the best song of the movie. The lyrics by Thaamarai are also very poetic. It’s sad that the composers Raghav-Raja got no more chances for anymore movies.


37: Song of the Day: Kalaadhara

20 Jun

Song: Kalaadhara

Composer: Rajhesh Vaidhya

Singer: Unnikrishnan, Anuradha Shekar

Lyrics: Gangai Amaran

Movie: Vegam

Rajhesh Vaidya, the popular Veena artiste has composed the music for this movie. The movie was produced by SV. Sekar, starring his son but it vanished without a trace. This particular song set in Desh raga is a very good composition. Interestingly, Rajhesh has not used too much Veena in this song, maybe consciously, instead there are keys, a strings section and flute. Unnikrishnan sounds very good (I do not like some of his film songs as his voice sounds very thin) but Anuradha is just about okay. All-in-all, a very melodious composition by Rajhesh Vaidya.

36: Song of the Day: Roja Poo Ondru

19 Jun

Song: Roja Poo Ondru

Composer: Kannan

Singer: SPB, Chitra

Lyrics: Karky

Movie: Rendavadhu Padam

This is a retro song tuned by composer Kannan in the Ilaiyaraja genre with the typical instruments that Raja would use for such a duet song. It starts with beautiful male vocal harmonies (quite rare as many vocal harmonies are female ones owing to the mellowness of the female voice) and followed by a strings piece and SPB launches into the song with gusto. The first interlude is primarily saxophone, strings and Veena and Chitra joins SPB in the charanam. The second interlude has wonderful female harmonies, followed by a poignant violin piece followed by an energetic nadhaswaram piece leading into the 2nd charanam where the composer adds a tabla instead of the rhythm programming. This is all-in-all a competent melody song that Kannan can be proud of.

35: Song of the Day: Aatha Un Sela

18 Jun

Song: Aatha Un Sela

Composer: Ghibran

Singer: Sundar Narayana Rao

Lyrics: Yegadesi

Movie: Kutti Puli

Aatha Un Sela is a very unconventional song and the unique song because, it has minimal background music and all the focus is on the tune and the voice. The tune is sedate and it will slowly start growing on you. The primary instrument used is a stringed one and it adds to the serenity of the song, considering the situation where the hero is singing to his mother. The composer must be given a lot of credit for conceptualizing such a song in an age where all the instruments are crying loud and competing with the voice.

34: Song of the Day: Amman Koil Vaasalile

17 Apr

Song: Amman Koil Vaasalile

Composer: Deva

Singers: SPB, Chitra

Lyrics: Kalidasan

Movie: Thaai Maaman


Composer Deva has given some fantastic melodies in many movies and this song is a melodious and soothing number. The ever dependable pair of SPB/Chitra sing the song with the right emotions considering the romantic situation and even the lyrics are pretty creative. Deva uses the strings section and flute to great effect and you can say in a positive way that Raja has inspired these composers to have such grand orchestration. This is one song from Deva which should be missed!