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Rajini Intro Songs

1 Jun

One of the things that has become an integral part of any Rajinikanth movie is the “Rajini Intro song”. It is an occasion for which the Rajini fan waits with bated breath. It is the first time that the fan can see his “superstar” first time in the movie. So, if you are at a theatre watching a Rajinikanth movie then you will see a lot of frenzy during the intro song, when the fans whistle and jump in joy. So, composing an intro song is quite a tough job for a composer as he has to please the zillion fans of the superstar. Considering this, almost all the composers have done a fabulous job of it. If I remember correctly, this concept started with Annamalai movie and since then has become the indispensable part of every Rajini movie. The different intro songs in Rajini movies’ are:

  1. Vandhendaa Paalkaaran-Baasha-Deva
  2. Uzhaippaali Illadha-Uzhaippaali-Ilaiyaraja
  3. Naan Autokaaran-Baasha-Deva
  4. Singa Nadai Pottu-Padaiyappa-A.R.Rahman
  5. Adhaanda Ithaanda-Arunachalam-Deva
  6. Oruvan Oruvan-Muthu-A.R.Rahman
  7. Dippu Dippu-Baba-A.R.Rahman
  8. Devuda Devuda-Chandramukhi-Vidyasagar
  9. Ballelaikka-Shivaji-A.R.Rahman

I like most of these intro songs but Oruvan Oruvan and Ballelaikka are my favourites. The unique feature of these intro songs apart from their energy are that though they are fast and thumping, they still sound pretty melodious. Moreover they generally have very good philosophical and inspiring lyrics. I feel Rahman has done a wonderful job of composing amazing intro songs for the superstar as its no mean achievement to please the superstar’s fans’. Credit must also go to S.P.Balasubramaniam for singing these songs beautifully. Only one intro song among these is sung by Shankar Mahadevan for Baba movie, which was just an okay song.

I am now waiting the intro song in Endhiran, Rajini’s next movie for which ARR has composed the music.