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Azhagi Title Score: Heartwarming

9 May

Ilaiyaraja has given innumerable title scores for movies which have become like a textbook lesson for many other composers as to how they should handle background scores. It is quite difficult to pick which are his best BGM pieces among the 900-odd movies for which he has composed the BGM’s. Whatever be the situation or emotion: sadness, happiness, fear, chase, naughtiness, reunion, death, separation , you name it, Raja exemplified the emotion of the scene with his music score.

One particular BGM that has fascinated me from when I have heard it is the Azhagi title score which is a variation of the Oliyile Therivadhu song. This is where Ilaiyaraja shows his versatility by making the BGM sound very different than the song, though both are almost same. He adds such beautiful layers to the BGM that it almost melts your heart every time you hear it. The primary flute piece with the keyboard piece, backed up by the western classical violins/violas/cellos (playing fantastic counters) sounds so divine and pure. This piece is so wonderful, it definitely deserves a post for itself.


Vishwa Vinayaka:The Divine Symphony

6 May

Many of think that devotional music would be something sounding always the same with a few common instruments like keyboards, bells and cymbals. But one album completely changed my perspective about this genre—Vishwa Vinayaka, an album on Lord Ganesha.

It was released around the year 2001 but still is a best-seller as I see its copies in all music stores even today. The  uniqueness of this album was that it seamlessly integrated verses/mantras with grand, symphonic music. The credit for this magnificent effort should go to the composer duo Ajay-Atul, who have incidentally won the National award recently for a Marathi movie’s music score. This album had 2 great singers singing the main verses—S.P.Balasubramaniam and Shankar Mahadevan. Apart from them it had a wonderful group of Childrens’ Chorus, Chorus and Western Chorus! There was not one discordant note in the album as even all the chorus singers did a fantastic job of it giving tremendous support to the main singers’ voices.The orchestration and arrangement were so stupendous that you will be awestruck and proud that an Indian symphony group (and composers) have created such nectarine music.

All the 6 tracks of this album were too good but one outstanding track was the Sri Ganeshaya Dheemahi sung by Shankar Mahadevan, one of the best tunes I have ever heard. You must hear it to believe it.

Vishwa Vinayaka is one CD which any lover of music must have and added to that the divine verses make it a wholesome and blissful experience.