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A Wednesday-Your story, my story

19 Oct

I recently saw the movie-A Wednesday. It was an awe-inspiring movie to say the least. I am sure most of us have already seen the movie. These kind of movies are what masterpieces are made of! I am so proud that an INDIAN movie, an AUTHENTIC thriller has been so good, when you have every other movie being ripped off from foreign films (not only Hollywood).

The director, Neeraj Pandey’s script is so crisp, so taut that the movie is only one-and-half hours long! Thats pretty short for an INDIAN movie, where we have had yawns like Ekalavya 😦
The message of the protagonist played by one of the most underrated actors of our era-Naseeruddin Shah is mindblowing!! If STILL you have not seen “A Wednesday” you must see it-your life will change. I have only one grouse against the movie-why have an english title, when it could have been named “EK DIN” or something like that, which definitely would not have sounded wrong.