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Vijay Antony

11 Nov

Vijay Antony is one of the newer composers in Tamil, who made his debut with Sukran (a horrible movie) about 3 years back. It was a forgettable debut in my opinion and when I heard the commercial songs of Sukran (director S.A. Chandrashekharan, who has no place for melody songs), I dismissed Vijay as another run-of-the mill composer. But the real talent of Vijay came to the fore in the songs of Dishyum. I realized that Vijay was a composer with a bright future. Though, all the songs of Dishyum were not good, Ninjankootil was a cracker of a tune with superb orchestration. What I like about Vijay Antony is that his sound is very melodious and different. He uses an assortment of guitars, pianos and flutes.From then, Vijay has given some great tunes, though, I feel he has to get more movies which exploit his talent to compose great melodies. I hope he gets more subject-oriented movies. Here are my favourite Vijay Antony songs:

  1. Ninjaankootil-Dishyum-a song in Raaga Brindavanasaaranga
  2. Azhagaa-By 2-this movie had great songs by VA
  3. Roja Poovin-By 2
  4. Naanthaana-Ninaithaale-a song in the rare Amruthavarshini raagam, wonderful song!
  5. Thaneer Pookalaey-Ninaithaale-amazing orchestration
  6. Thozhiya-Kadhalil Vizhundhen-so catchy and peppy yet melodious!
  7. Solladi-Kadhalil Vizhundhen-superb guitars and a great tune.
  8. Natta Nadu-A Aa E Ee-what a song in raagam Hamsadhwani