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Legend of Bhagat Singh:Great movie with marvellous music

29 Sep

Legend of Bhagat Singh is a movie directed by Rajkumar Santhoshi which released in 2002. It starred Ajay Devgan as Bhagat Singh and he ultimately won the National Award for the best actor for living the role of the historic character. The beauty of the movie was that the facts were shown as they happened, sans any other unnecessary distorted deviations. This is because the script of the movie was validated by none other than Kultar Singh-the younger brother of Bhagat Singh. I remember we saw the movie in the open-air theatre of our hostel and after the emotional climax everybody had tears in their eyes. Even the other supporting actors playing the roles of Chandrashekhar Azad, Rajguru, Sukhdev etc did a fantastic job of it. It may have been providence that the movie was able to have some of the finest performances thereby paying a fitting tribute to the great martyr who sacrificed his life for the country.

Special mention must be of the eye-catching and appropriate sets used in the movie to depict the British Raj times (the cars, tongas, buildings) by art director Nitin Desai. The cinematography was also wonderful by K.V.Anand. One of the major factors for the success of many movies is the music-especially the background score and the Mozart of Madras-A.R.Rahman gave a masterful music score for this movie winning a National Award for the best background score. The songs of this movie too were splendid especially Desh Mere, Mera Rang De, Mahive, Jogiya and Sarfaroshi Ki Tamanna (sung by Hariharan and Sonu Nigam!). All-in-all Legend of Bhagat Singh was an all-round good movie excelling in all the departments.


A Wednesday-Your story, my story

19 Oct

I recently saw the movie-A Wednesday. It was an awe-inspiring movie to say the least. I am sure most of us have already seen the movie. These kind of movies are what masterpieces are made of! I am so proud that an INDIAN movie, an AUTHENTIC thriller has been so good, when you have every other movie being ripped off from foreign films (not only Hollywood).

The director, Neeraj Pandey’s script is so crisp, so taut that the movie is only one-and-half hours long! Thats pretty short for an INDIAN movie, where we have had yawns like Ekalavya 😦
The message of the protagonist played by one of the most underrated actors of our era-Naseeruddin Shah is mindblowing!! If STILL you have not seen “A Wednesday” you must see it-your life will change. I have only one grouse against the movie-why have an english title, when it could have been named “EK DIN” or something like that, which definitely would not have sounded wrong.