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Unsung songs of 2008

6 Jan

Firstly, A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009 to all! If you want to know which were the best songs of 2008, you can see this at Milliblog and this at Vinith’s blog. They have covered most of the wonderful songs of 2008. Instead of writing about the best songs, I thought, let me write about some pristine melodies which went unnoticed this year. Most of the times only 1 or 2 songs become “hit” songs but in most cases the hit song is not the best song in the movie. I intend to appreciate and highlight those tunes which did not get their due.


  1. Mann Mohana—Jodha Akbar—A.R.Rahman- this is devotional bliss!
  2. Falak Tak—Tashan—Vishal/Shekhar
  3. Chakkar Ghumyo—Aamir—Amit Trivedi
  4. Jogi Mahi—Bachna Ae Haseeno—Vishal/Shekhar
  5. Dhanya Dhanya/Bheege Bheege—Classically Mild (Sonu Nigam)/Deepak Pandit-the best Sonu Nigam album according to me with fantastic orchestration. All the tunes were very good but these in particular give me goosebumps!
  6. Khabar Nahi—Dostana—Vishal/Shekhar
  7. Bandagi—Drona—Dhruv Ghanekar
  8. Kuch Khaas—Fashion—Salim Sulaiman
  9. Kya Hai Sochti—Khushboo—Adnan Saami-a catchy tune with very innovative, funny lyrics.
  10. Meetha Marz—Welcome to Sajjanpur—Shantanu Moitra
  11. Zindagi—Yuvvraaj—A.R.Rahman
  12. Muskura—Dasvidaniya—Kailash/Naresh/Paresh


  1. Uyirile—Vellithirai—G.V.Prakash-a soothing melody
  2. Aazhiyilae—Dhaam Dhoom—Harris Jayaraj-superb tune, amazingly sung by Haricharan!
  3. Chaaral/Sollamaa—Kuchelan—G.V.Prakash-I loved these songs which just grew on me after multiple listens. Chaaral is a splendid tune in raag Jog.
  4. Vaanathai Vittu—Raman Thediya Seethai—Vidyasagar
  5. Againthaiyil/Kallil Uyir—Uliyin Osai—Ilaiyaraja-I have written about these masterpieces earlier. This is the classical Ilaiyaraja!
  6. Kanaa Kaangiren—Aanandha Thaandavam—G.V.Prakash
  7. Anul Mele—Vaaranam Aayiram—Haaris Jayaraj-a very unique tune with a different rhythm structure.


  1. Etho Jalashankkil/Maymassame—Laptop—Sreevalsan Menon-I can’t stop drooling over these 2 songs, you can’t say which is better!
  2. Paathirakkuyil—De Ingottu Nokiye—M.Jayachandran-a haunting tune
  3. Coffee@MG Road/O Saathi—Coffee@MG Road album—Shaan Rahman/Vineeth Sreenivasan

Songs I am hooked onto!

2 Dec

Over the last 6 months, there have been some good songs which have been continuously in my playlist.


  1. Ha Rehem-Aamir-Amit Trivedi
  2. Khudha Jaane & Jogi Mahi-Bachna Ae Haseeno-Vishal/Shekhar
  3. Mari Teetri-De Taali-Punjabi song at its catchy best!-Vishal/Shekhar
  4. Khabar Nahi-Dostana-Vishal/Shekhar
  5. Maine Hawa Ke-Mere Baap Pehle Aap-The most underrated song of the year-Vidyasagar
  6. Ek Meetha Marz-Welcome to Sajjanpur-Shantanu Moitra
  7. Tu Meri Dost-Yuvvraaj-A.R.Rahman
  8. Muskura-Dasvidaniya-A great retro song!-Kailash Kher/Naresh/Paresh
  9. Kaise Mujhe-Ghajini-mesmerizing vocals by Shreya Ghoshal, the motherly caressing humming sends me into raptures!-A.R.Rahman


  1. Adai Mazhai Kaalam & Naan Varaindhu-Jeyam Kondaan-Vidyasagar
  2. Mazhai Nindra & Ippavae-Raman Thediya Seethai-Vidyasagar
  3. Kalaadhara-Vegam-A great song that was never noticed-Rajesh Vaidhya
  4. Marudhaani-Sakkarakatti-A.R.Rahman
  5. Dost Bada Dosth-Saroja-Yuvan
  6. Aganthaiyil-Uliyin Osai-Amazing raaga and graha bhedam variations!-Maestro Ilaiyaraja
  7. Natta Nadu-A Aa E Ee-what an elegant song, very addictive!-Vijay Antony
  8. Anul Mele & Ava Enna-Vaaranam Aayiram-Harris Jayaraj
  9. En Uyirukkul-Mahesh Saranya Matrum Palar-Vidyasagar


  1. Etho Jalashankkil& Maymassame-Laptop-celestial tunes!-Sreevalsan Menon
  2. Radha Madhava-Anthiponvettom-great tune in Hamsanandi and great singing by Krishnakumar-M Jayachandran
  3. Thaazhika Kudame-College Kumaran-Ousepachhan
  4. Coffee @ MG Road & O Saathi-Coffee @ MG Road, a very good malayalam album-Vineeth Srinivasan/Shaan Rahman
  5. Arigil-Thirakkatha-superb tune-Sharath

Song Discussion

2 Feb
Today, I would like to discuss 2 songs both of which are Tamil songs.

1.Velli Nilave-This song is composed by Maestro Ilaiyaraja for the movie Nandavanatheru. It has been sung by the magical singer Shri. S.P.Balasubramaniam. It is an amazing song, very different from the normal run-of-the-mill stuff that we hear. The unique feature of this song is the wonderful tune and the combination of instruments that Ilaiyaraja uses. There is a continuous off-beat kind of bass strumming which I have never heard before. The talent of composers is shown when they do something radically different, it can be something very small but its effect will be big. That’s called genius and Ilaiyaraja shows through this song why he is one of the best composers ever in India. Mention must be made about the wonderful singing by S.P.B. the emotions he brings to his voice is unbelievable. Please don’t miss this one-of-a-kind song!!!

2. Ennuyir Thoziye– This song is composed by another genius A.R.Rahman. This song was not noticed much because the movie-Kangalal Kaidhu Sei, vanished in no time. It is sung by Unni Menon & Chinmayi. It is set in predominantly in Raag Aarabhi. It’s so melodious and soothing with the piano counters. According to me this is one of THE best songs composed by ARR, but sadly it did not get the accolade it deserved. The tune in the charanam is so innovative that first you would feel you are listening to some other song. Added to that Chinmayi’s ghatkas before the 1st paragraph are too good.

These 2 songs are great in their own ways and they just show what legendary composers are made of. Ilaiyaraja and Rahman are the 2 doyens of Tamil Music (of Indian music itself!!), whose tunes are timeless.