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Today’s Music: Some Thoughts

18 Jul

If you look at the music scene today, there are a lot of changes in the way music is produced as compared to how it was done about 2 decades ago. Technology has taken over almost completely and definitely it has improved the quality of the sound production, mixing etc. This is a good trend and as long as it facilitates the production of good music it is welcome. But there is one worrying trend that is related to the quality of music being produced and that is—the importance given to the orchestration over the voice. If you look at any song today, the tune is quite weak but the orchestration kind of camouflages the tune very cleverly. In many cases we can’t even hear the lyrics being sung as the accompanying music is louder than the voice! Hence the shelf-life (sorry for that word!) of many of today’s songs has reduced significantly.

If you notice the songs composed 2 or 3 decades ago, they had very strong tunes and the orchestration was just a support for the tune and it enhanced the overall song quality. That’s the reason we still adore and listen to the songs composed in those days even today. Today 70% of the songs have a very short shelf-life and the rest are good. It’s become like instant music, fit for only short term consumption. Also every film album has around 8-10 tracks, 5 songs and 5 more remixes of the same songs making it very repetitive. Most of the remixes are pathetic and they kill the soul of the original song itself.

In the interest of good music, we must start reviving the trend of the olden days of creating good tunes which can stand on their own even without fancy orchestral support. We must integrate the good practices of those days with the modern technology of today so that the quality of music is never compromised.


Child Reality Shows: The End of Innocence

29 May

One very worrying trend that is very disturbing in television is the concept of having reality shows for children. According to me most of the reality shows today are just money spinning avenues for the different channels and child reality shows especially are highly condemnable. Here is why I say that:

  • Reality shows give rise to an unnecessary spirit of negative competition among children, instilling a desire to WIN- AT-ANY-COST in them at a very young age, when they are like beautiful buds waiting to bloom. This is like an artificial method, where the bud is asked to bloom fast, curbing its natural growth process. I am not saying children should not have a competitive spirit but the way its being done in the reality shows is very dangerous for the children as it undermines their self-confidence thereby unsettling them.
  • The losses that the children face in reality shows causes a feeling of REJECTION and does irreparable psychological damage to them. We want them to be achievers at such a young age? I remember the dialogue said by Aamir Khan in that superb scene in Taare Zameen Par when he says, we put pressure in our children that they should come first in class, become a doctor, engineer, singer etc. Children are the embodiments of purity and innocence and its so sad to see them get dejected for such petty losses.
  • In child reality shows, the children are made to do things which are much beyond their age in the name of “performance”. For e.g. a girl child has to do a dance involving very suggestive steps and boys have to do similar movements. There is no better way to make the child go in the wrong path and pollute their minds. It is the age to study and play but here they are learning dance steps to an item number! It cannot get worse than this.
  • According to me almost all of our reality shows are 75% melodrama and 25% entertainment. The exaggeration in these shows is seen to be believed! The loss in a round looks as if the contestant has lost the most important contest of his/her life and he/she is a non-achiever. There are many more important milestones in life and winning a reality show/advancing to the next round may be one of the significant milestones but not THE most significant.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not fully against reality shows per se, I too watch a few of them but child reality shows are dangerous for the impact they leave in a child’s fertile mind. I read that there is a legislation that anyone below 18 years cannot participate in reality shows but I am not sure if its been implemented as I see many small children in reality shows. Its high time there is some regulation otherwise many children, who are the future of this great nation will end up getting their priorities in life totally wrong.