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INDIA shining at the Oscars!

23 Feb

Feb 23, 2009 will be a red letter day in the annals of Indian music as the “Mozart of Madras” A.R.Rahman bagged the much-coveted Oscar and to top it all, he got two Oscars not just one! Let us not forget the other Indian who made us proud—Resul Pookutty (he gave an amazing short speech) who won the award for best sound mixing. For me, the ultimate defining moment was at the end when Slumdog Millionaire won the best motion picture award and all the crew of the movie (including the cute kids!) came onto the stage. Many of them were Indians- A.R.Rahman, Resul, Anil Kapoor, Irrfan Khan, Loveleen Tandon, the child and other young actors.  Overall it was an unforgettable Oscars for India as finally our music and our movies are going global!


Heights of Insanity

22 Jan

To my utter amazement, I came to know that some secretary of an association related to slums has filed a PIL against A.R.Rahman and another person related to the movie for having the name “Slumdog” signifying slum dwellers are “dogs”. What I find insane about this is-why A.R.Rahman is being accused for this?????? He is the MUSIC COMPOSER of the movie. If they have to accuse someone it must be the producer/director and NOT the composer. It’s like insulting the monumental achievement of Rahman who has made India proud by winning the Golden Globe. Now, there is a great chance that he may win the much-coveted Oscar too as he has won 3 nominations! The judge must dismiss these stupid litigations which seek to tarnish the image of reputed, hardworking, patriotic composers like A.R.Rahman who are taking Indian music to the world!!

The power of music

7 Dec
With prayers to Lord Ganesha, I begin my first post. I would like to write in this post what would I be blogging about. I will be discussing about great Indian music directors, many rare songs (songs that get lost becoz other songs were given a lot of publicity). I would be mainly covering Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam music(becoz I listen a lot of these only). My constant focus would be to publicise and write about uncommon aspects of the various facets of music and its people. I welcome additional comments and discussions from all lovers of music. For me, music and its contemplation is life…………..