Blogs on Ilaiyaraja

5 Dec

Indian music has been blessed with MANY talented music composers. To name a few that I know—Naushad, S.D.Burman, Shankar-Jaikishan, R.D.Burman, M.S.Vishwanathan, Raveendran etc.

But there are two more composers who are not part of this illustrious list but they literally have a Demi-God status, you definitely would have guessed it, they are Ilaiyaraja and A.R.Rahman. Two absolute geniuses who have completely different styles of composing yet they are acknowledged as Legends of our time. Both these have many blogs and websites dedicated to them by their raving fans.

I would like to focus more on the Ilaiyaraja aspect because there are a few blogs that have dissected the works of the Maestro beautifully. These blogs are not only a goldmine for any Ilaiyaraja fan but for any lover of music in the world. They discuss in detail and in simple language, many musical concepts, so that we can appreciate not only Ilaiyaraja’s music but ANY music. They list out and show (backed by perfect examples) how the genius has made innumerable innovations in his monumental 30 year career. It is an astounding read which clearly show that music is indeed a great art, where there are no limits to one’s creativity. These blogs have been written by very knowledgeable people (who have learnt music) who have taken the pains to illustrate how Ilaiyaraja has continuously redefined his music and set new benchmarks. The word “Maestro” is no small word and it is attributed only to a select few like R.D.Burman, Ilaiyaraja and A.R.Rahman. The following are the FANTASTIC, MUST-READ blogs on Ilaiyaraja which any music lover will enjoy. they deserve all the credit for their hard work.

  1. Violin Vicky’s blog
  2. Ravi Natarajan’s blog
  3. As we feel Raja
  4. Ragaranjani
  5. Apoorva Ragam

2 Responses to “Blogs on Ilaiyaraja”

  1. Rajendra Kumar December 5, 2009 at 7:27 am #

    Thanks a lot for listing my two blogs..
    I am honoured!

    I have not yet gone thru your other posts here.Shall read and post my comments.Pl. continue to follow my blogs!


  2. Vinith December 5, 2009 at 12:24 pm #


    Would like to suggest also. Check that out! Though there has been no updates for a long time. He has done an amazing job in the past!

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