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Agam’s Music

5 Nov

Agam was one among the six winners in the ooh la la la competition held for music bands. The concept of the competition was spearheaded by none other than A.R. Rahman. Agam actually has been existing for quite some time much before the contest started. Their music is an amazing fusion of classical-based tunes wrapped in superb orchestration. I was very impressed on hearing their songs which are available for free download here in their blog. The details about the band members too can be found there. There are 6 tracks:

  1. Mystical Abheri-My favourite one, a tamil song, where Reethigowla and Abheri raagaas have been used. The flute interludes are mesmerizing.
  2. Path of Aspiration-This song is called “Lakshiya Paadhai” based on Naatai raaga. This too is a beautiful song with a faster tempo.
  3. Nothing but Hope-A song that begins in English and moves to a ghazal-like tune in Hindi.
  4. Amma-This is a lullaby to the mother, set in Kaapi raagam. It has very poignant lyrics praising the Mother. The tune is so soothing that you will fall asleep if you hear it!
  5. Brahma’s Dance-This is an instrumental piece interspersed with vedic chants.
  6. Amma Instrumental-The instrumental piece of the “Amma” song on violin.

One common thing among all the songs are the very meaningful lyrics. This is a fantastic effort from the Agam team. Soon, we can expect another album from them which will be sponsored by KM Music from A.R.Rahman’s stable. I am eagerly waiting for it after listening to these songs!