Title Music: My Favourites

3 Jun

Title music is an indispensable part of any movie though it has not got the importance it has deserved. It is the first thing that the movie viewer sees and hears and a good title theme music creates a great impression for a movie to begin with, irrespective of whether the movie is good or not! I thought I can pen down some of my favourite theme music pieces from different Indian movies, as many of them were very good. I might definitely miss some other may-be-better ones, do let me know through the comments section! Here you go:

  1. Mouna Raagam-Ilaiyaraja-I am quite sure many would remember this one first. Its a rage even today and it’s probably the most famous ringtone. It elevated the movie to a different level. Spellbinding stuff from Ilaiyaraja.
  2. Naayagan-Ilaiyaraja-Another awesome piece.
  3. Aboorva Sagotharargal-Ilaiyaraja-Starts very annoyingly but soon becomes a melodious, captivating flute and strings ensemble, only Raja can do this.
  4. Punnagai Mannan-Ilaiyaraja-This man will keep surprising us with his talent.
  5. Jeans-A.R.Rahman-Very catchy, peppy AND melodious, the brand of music that we have got used to from Rahman. This is the perfect piece to hum along.
  6. Bombay-A.R.Rahman-This is what made the Bombay movie complete—the Bombay theme, calling it brilliant would be an understatement! Naveen’s flute was nectarine.
  7. Rakshagan-A.R.Rahman-Another wonderful piece which was not noticed much, very majestic, grand! My college brass band played this LIVE and boy, it sounded heavenly! The beauty of any music is best demonstrated by playing it LIVE and this is the perfect example for that.
  8. Azhagi-Ilaiyaraja-Heartmelting version of the Oliyilae Therivadhu song, Ilaiyaraja can play a song’s instrumental version and YET make it sound absolutely new. Pure bliss!
  9. Parthiban Kanavu-Vidyasagar-I saw this movie only recently and the title music was stunningly impressive. I was not surprised as I never doubted that Vidyasagar had the talent to compose something like this.
  10. Anbey Shivam-Vidyasagar-The “Yaar yaar Shivam” piece, great work by Vidyasagar again.
  11. Padayappa-A.R.Rahman-A very catchy, mouth-organ piece, again Rahman treads the uncommon path and comes up with something very special.
  12. Taare Zameen Par-Shankar/Ehsaan/Loy-I have never found Hindi music BGM’s/theme pieces to be very impressive but this was definitely an exception. Stellar stuff from the trio.
  13. Kaakha Kaakha-Harris Jayaraj-A very macho piece, befitting the movie’s theme, good work by Harris.

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