Madhu Balakrishnan: One of my current favourites!

27 Jan

I am sure you must have heard about Madhu Balakrishnan, who I feel is one of the best among the current singers. Madhu is the brother-in-law of Indian pace ace Sreesanth. Madhu nowadays is a frequent singer in almost all the South Indian languages, though he is from Kerala. He has some wonderful songs in Malayalam & Tamil. Most of his Tamil songs have been under Ilaiyaraja & Vidyasagar who have wonderfully tapped his potential of singing melodies/semi-classical songs. Madhu has a stunning base and is excellent at giving appropriate sangathis/variations to a song. Here are some of my favourite Madhu Balakrishnan songs, don’t miss these 🙂 I have written some of these songs in my earlier post on Vidyasagar! Pardon my repetition here!

  1. Edhilum Ingu-Bharathi-Ilaiyaraja-a brilliant song in rare Rasikaranjini raaga.
  2. Kandaen Kandaen-Madhurey-Vidyasagar-a dulcet duet with Sadhna Sargam.
  3. Ding Dong-Ji-Vidyasagar-the same musical team as above and the same magic!
  4. Kanaa Kandaenadi-Parthiban Kanavu-Vidyasagar-a masterpiece in Anandabhairavi raaga.
  5. Pirayae Pirayae-Pithamagan-Ilaiyaraja-haunting song, haunting music, superb lyrics!
  6. Guruvayur Unnikannan-Aanachandham-Jaison J Nair-a wonderful tune in Vasantha raaga.
  7. Pesa Madandhaiye-Mozhi-Vidyasagar-a gem of a song!
  8. Vasantha Nilaavin-Sooryan-Ilaiyaraja-What a song in Sriranjini raaga, only Madhu could have sung this! The modulations he gives in the first charanam is just amazing!
  9. Vizhiyum Vizhiyum-Chathurangam-Vidyasagar-A duet with Harini, splendid song.
  10. Ippavae Ippavae-Raman Thediya Seethai-the Vidyasagar/Madhu combo rarely disappoints.
  11. Raaverayay Poove-Rock n Roll-Vidyasagar-nice song.
  12. Chentharmizhi-Perummazhakalam-M.Jayachandran-A must-listen duet with Chitra set in the soothing Neelambari raaga.
  13. Konja Neram-Chandramukhi-Vidyasagar-A duet with Asha Bhosle set in Bageshri raaga.
  14. Yen Swaasathil-Jerry-Ramesh Vinayakam-An unnoticed brilliant song, a duet with Kalyani. Ramesh Vinayakam (the unsung talent) shows his class here!
  15. Pichaipaathiram-Naan Kadavul-Ilaiyaraja-another great song in the “Pirayae Pirayae” league. I am hooked to this now!

3 Responses to “Madhu Balakrishnan: One of my current favourites!”

  1. Madurai citizen January 28, 2009 at 7:29 pm #

    Rightly said…
    Jai Sai Ram

  2. Jaiganesh February 5, 2009 at 2:26 pm #

    Piraye piraye is in a different league.
    Raaja’s penchant for hamsanandhi is well known. However in this song, the raaga and its shades are kept in check to give a very subtle feel – a Feel that is well fleshed out by madhu. The enunciations of the lyrics are perfect and the mood is set in a beautiful manner. kudos to Raaja and Madhu as well.

    In Ding Dong – madhu does awesome justice to vasantha raagam with chocolate sweet rendition.

    And in Kandaen he simply blows the breath away – the tune, his voice and his breath are in perfect sync – not an easy song to sing (though it might appear that way). A truly blessed singer in the best possible musical hands at the moment!!

  3. Prakash Srinivasan February 5, 2009 at 10:46 pm #

    Yes, Jai, I am glad that Ilaiyaraja teams up with Madhu frequently 🙂 BTW, Ding Dong is Rasikapriya raagam and not Vasantha! Another beautiful Rasikapriya is Aganthaiyil from Uliyin Osai-what a stunning composition by Maestro!

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