Music and Healing

1 Dec

It is a proven fact that music indeed is one of the most effective therapies. Owing to sheer interest, I have read a few expert articles written on Shri Kunnakudy Vaidyanathan, who until recently, before his demise, was heading the Raaga Research Centre in Madras. He and his late father (who was one of the pioneers of raaga research) have confirmed that music/raagas have the power to cure us of many ailments! This is certainly good news to all music lovers. I personally believe in this completely and I have experienced the therapeutic effects of music innumerable times. Each raaga is said to have a unique medicinal property. This post is just a starting point to discuss about the healing effects of music. The study in this field has been quite extensive leading to some pleasantly stunning results. I give below the unique properties of a few raagas. These are culled from various authentic articles in the internet and “The Hindu” newspaper.

  1. Keeravani-Good for heart.
  2. Rathipathipriya-Strength and vigour, remove ill-will.
  3. Shanmukhapriya-Sharpens intellect and instils courage.
  4. Kalyani-Destroys fear.
  5. Karaharapriya-Remedy for worry, stress and neurotic disorders.
  6. Abheri-Heals the mind.
  7. Shankarabharanam-Cures mental disorders, showers wealth!
  8. Charukesi-Rejenuvates mind
  9. Mohanam-Filters ill-effects of our bad qualities like anger, lust and attachment.
  10. Mayamalavagowla-Counters pollution.
  11. Anandabhairavi-Lowers blood pressure.

This is an incomplete list. For those who have faith, music is the best medicine. If we are mentally happy, then I feel, the presence of physical diseases cannot affect us. Music is a wealth that we have, its a gift from God itself which can give us a lot of bliss and satisfaction. Let us use it so that there is more Love, Peace and Harmony and let us promote, good, melodious music!


3 Responses to “Music and Healing”

  1. Vinith December 4, 2008 at 11:36 am #

    Wonderful post…

    Yes.. Music is the best medicine…

    Its rather upsetting that we are not getting a good melody, soothing, free flowing songs these days. Music directors are passionate in composing insipid kuthu songs and irritating fast paced songs.

  2. Prakash Srinivasan December 5, 2008 at 6:46 am #

    Thanks Vinith! I really feel upset that most of today’s directors’ especially Tamil, totally ignore melody and give music dirs like Srikanth Deva more chances 😦 The end result is an overdose of kuthu and cacophony!

  3. Uma Aunty February 3, 2009 at 8:37 am #

    That’s really wonderful! In fact i’ve listed a few too which include
    Hamsanandi, Todi, Kalyani and Shanmukhapriya among others all of which have a great theraupetic effect.
    Did you also know that the human brain is quite similar to an egg in its chemical composition?
    When an egg is repeatedly exposed to rock music, it becomes half boiled!!!!
    Even plants tend to move towards ragas based music and away from cacophoniC noise during their growth phase! ( These are from excerpts in Chaitanya Jyothi Museum). THEN IMAGINE WHAT ABOUT HUMAN BEINGS ?? !!!

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